Hubley Leatherworks

Hubley Leatherworks leather goods have been seen on stage and  screen for almost 30 years. Sole proprietor, Margaret Hubley, creates beautiful boots, shoes, and leather goods for the entertainment industry. 

From Chopines and Knee Shoes, to Gigi Boots and Rock Opera Platforms… Margaret Hubley is indeed shoe-centric. ​ With 30 years' experience building footwear for theatre, film and television productions, she has a meticulous eye, skilled hands, a professional rigor for historical accuracy and a wildly creative imagination (you know, for those over-the-top funky projects). But Margaret cobbles far more than footwear. A baldric anyone? Perhaps you are in need of a few Sam Brownes, gaiters, satchels or clutches.

Whatever a designer imagines, she can make.​